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We promise to keep things simple. Simplicity is important because it helps you truly understand something, instead of hiding behind complex jargon. “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself”. No one really knows if Einstein said this but it does not matter. Because it is true.

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Two of us - Azhar Jafri and myself, Vivek Raju. We were batchmates at IIM Bangalore.

Azhar works as a product manager at Asian Paints. Prior to this, he worked at HCL, P&G, and TCS. His focus areas are brands and consumer behaviour. He also dabbles in stock trading on the side which keeps him updated on the financial and macroeconomic front. Follow him on Twitter @zhr_jafri.

I work as a pitch consultant-cum-designer at Deck Rooster. In simpler words, I help founders clearly communicate their business story to investors. As you can see, my full-time job is to simplify & clarify stuff for people. Prior to this, I worked as an investment banking analyst (equity capital markets) at Goldman Sachs. Follow me on Twitter @vivekraju93.

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