Why Simplanations?

We use many products/tech that we don’t fully understand. We discuss a lot of business that we don’t understand beyond the headline. Let me give you a few examples.

We hear that the Sensex or Nifty rose/fell every day but how many of us understand how this index is actually calculated?

We discuss the news of some startup getting funding every other day but many of us might not know how exactly venture capital works.

We use mobile data almost every second of the day but many of us might not know how 4G is different from 3G and how did it enable Jio to slash data prices.

The reason many of us do not know this stuff is two-fold. One - they are wrapped in jargon that puts this knowledge out of reach for many. Two - if you actually went one step ahead of the rest and googled these topics, you would be flooded with links. One hour later, you will generally have 20+ tabs open and still no understanding of the basics of the topic.

With Simplanations, we decided to tackle this problem.

What if we could explain all the basics of a concept or tech or business in one place and in the simplest of words. So we do the hard work for you and you learn something new in just 10-15 minutes (no more 1 hour googling!).

So does this make us another Wikipedia or Investopedia?

  1. We will simpler than them. A Simplanation means a promise that you will always understand what you read.

  2. We will go deeper than them. We won’t just stop at definitions (the “what”). We will go into the “why” and “how” too.

  3. We will be more fun to read. Believe us when we say you will actually feel like reading us.

Every Simplanation will be crafted with care. After spending 10-15 hours on research (sometimes even more), we also spend more than 10 hours crafting an interesting story out of it that will keep you hooked till the end. We also add visual explanations where necessary so you not only understand easily but also remember for longer.

If you are that curious person who always likes to learn more, why don’t you sign up? It will make our day :)

How regularly will we email you?

We’ll try our best to send you one ‘simplanation’ or ‘SNAP’ (shorter simplanation) every fortnight. If you want Simplanations in your Whatsapp instead of email, click here.

Who are we?

Two of us - Azhar Jafri and myself, Vivek Raju. We were MBA batchmates at IIM Bengaluru.

Azhar works as a product manager at Asian Paints. Before this, he worked at HCL, P&G, and TCS. His focus areas are brands and consumer behaviour. He also dabbles in stock trading on the side keeping him updated on the financial and macroeconomic front. He is on Twitter @zhr_jafri.

I do research, storyboarding & visualization at Deck Rooster. In simpler words, I help founders clearly communicate their business story to investors. As you can see, my full-time job is to simplify & clarify stuff for people. Prior to this, I worked as an investment banking analyst (equity capital markets) at Goldman Sachs. I am on Twitter @vivekraju93.

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I write about brands and consumer behavior. Alumnus of IIM Bangalore. Worked for leading FMCG firms. Fond of books, tea and memes :)
I like to learn about business through writing. Day Job: Helping founders with their VC pitches at deckrooster.com. Past: Goldman Sachs, IIM Bangalore